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Running Definition

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Run

(a.) Moving or advancing by running.

(a.) Having a running gait; not a trotter or pacer.

(a.) trained and kept for running races; as, a running horse.

(a.) Successive; one following the other without break or intervention; -- said of periods of time; as, to be away two days running; to sow land two years running.

(a.) Flowing; easy; cursive; as, a running hand.

(a.) Continuous; keeping along step by step; as, he stated the facts with a running explanation.

(a.) Extending by a slender climbing or trailing stem; as, a running vine.

(a.) Discharging pus; as, a running sore.

(n.) The act of one who, or of that which runs; as, the running was slow.

(n.) That which runs or flows; the quantity of a liquid which flows in a certain time or during a certain operation; as, the first running of a still.

(n.) The discharge from an ulcer or other sore.