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Retreat Definition

(n.) The act of retiring or withdrawing one's self, especially from what is dangerous or disagreeable.

(n.) The place to which anyone retires; a place or privacy or safety; a refuge; an asylum.

(n.) The retiring of an army or body of men from the face of an enemy, or from any ground occupied to a greater distance from the enemy, or from an advanced position.

(n.) The withdrawing of a ship or fleet from an enemy for the purpose of avoiding an engagement or escaping after defeat.

(n.) A signal given in the army or navy, by the beat of a drum or the sounding of trumpet or bugle, at sunset (when the roll is called), or for retiring from action.

(n.) A special season of solitude and silence to engage in religious exercises.

(n.) A period of several days of withdrawal from society to a religious house for exclusive occupation in the duties of devotion; as, to appoint or observe a retreat.

(v. i.) To make a retreat; to retire from any position or place; to withdraw; as, the defeated army retreated from the field.