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Bless Definition

(v. t.) To make or pronounce holy; to consecrate

(v. t.) To make happy, blithesome, or joyous; to confer prosperity or happiness upon; to grant divine favor to.

(v. t.) To express a wish or prayer for the happiness of; to invoke a blessing upon; -- applied to persons.

(v. t.) To invoke or confer beneficial attributes or qualities upon; to invoke or confer a blessing on, -- as on food.

(v. t.) To make the sign of the cross upon; to cross (one's self).

(v. t.) To guard; to keep; to protect.

(v. t.) To praise, or glorify; to extol for excellences.

(v. t.) To esteem or account happy; to felicitate.

(v. t.) To wave; to brandish.