Top Breath Quotes

Breath Definition

(n.) The air inhaled and exhaled in respiration; air which, in the process of respiration, has parted with oxygen and has received carbonic acid, aqueous vapor, warmth, etc.

(n.) The act of breathing naturally or freely; the power or capacity to breathe freely; as, I am out of breath.

(n.) The power of respiration, and hence, life.

(n.) Time to breathe; respite; pause.

(n.) A single respiration, or the time of making it; a single act; an instant.

(n.) Fig.: That which gives or strengthens life.

(n.) A single word; the slightest effort; a trifle.

(n.) A very slight breeze; air in gentle motion.

(n.) Fragrance; exhalation; odor; perfume.

(n.) Gentle exercise, causing a quicker respiration.