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Compassion for others is a mark of wisdom.

Tadahiko Nagao

Compassion for others is a mark of wisdom.

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Kokology is the study of kokoro (Japanese: 心) 'mind or spirit', introduced in the Kokology book series by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, a professor at Rissho and Waseda Universities in Japan and an author of a number of bestselling books regarding psychology and relationships.
The main focus is the analysis of the deep psyche using theories from Freud and Jung. Kokology Questions typically are "guided" Day Dreams or Submodalities.
The books present a series of psychological and hypothetical questions that are designed to reveal one's hidden attitudes about sex, family, love, work, and other elements of one's life. It is essentially a game of self-discovery that can provide interesting, and often hilarious insight by answering questions to seemingly innocent topics. The books were published in 1998 in Japan and became a Japanese bestselling phenomenon. The books were translated and became available in the United States in 2000.
The television series ran on Saturdays it was only aired in one city broadcast time 22:00 to 22:54 (54 minutes)

Series Run: April 20, 1991, to March 21, 1992
Country: Japan Broadcasting
Broadcast: Yomiuri Television Production Department
Production: IVS TV Production
Cast/s: Yamaguti Mie, Inferior soul, Izumiya Shigeru, Miwa Akihiro MoreVideo games were released based on the show by Sega and Tecmo.