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George Lincoln Rockwell (March 9, 1918 – August 25, 1967) was an American far-right political activist and founder of the American Nazi Party. He later became a major figure in the neo-Nazi movement in the United States, and his beliefs, strategies, and writings have continued to influence many white supremacists and neo-Nazis.
Born in Bloomington, Illinois, Rockwell briefly studied philosophy at Brown University before dropping out to join the Navy. He trained as a pilot and served in World War II and the Korean War in non-combat roles, achieving the rank of Commander. Rockwell's politics grew more radical and vocal in the 1950s, and he was honorably discharged due to his views in 1960.
In politics, he regularly praised Adolf Hitler, referring to him as the "White savior of the twentieth century". He denied the Holocaust and believed that Martin Luther King Jr. was a tool for Jewish Communists wanting to rule the white community. He blamed the civil rights movement on Jews, and viewed most of them as traitors. He viewed black people as a primitive, lethargic race who desired only simple pleasures and a life of irresponsibility and supported the resettlement of all African Americans in a new African state to be funded by the U.S. government. As a supporter of racial segregation and white separatism, he agreed with and quoted many leaders of the Black separatism movement such as Elijah Muhammad and early Malcolm X. In his later years, Rockwell became increasingly aligned with other Neo-Nazi groups, leading the World Union of National Socialists.
On August 25, 1967, Rockwell was shot and killed in Arlington by John Patler, a former party member expelled by Rockwell for alleged "Bolshevik leanings".