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Shape Definition

(n.) To form or create; especially, to mold or make into a particular form; to give proper form or figure to.

(n.) To adapt to a purpose; to regulate; to adjust; to direct; as, to shape the course of a vessel.

(n.) To image; to conceive; to body forth.

(n.) To design; to prepare; to plan; to arrange.

(v. i.) To suit; to be adjusted or conformable.

(n.) Character or construction of a thing as determining its external appearance; outward aspect; make; figure; form; guise; as, the shape of a tree; the shape of the head; an elegant shape.

(n.) That which has form or figure; a figure; an appearance; a being.

(n.) A model; a pattern; a mold.

(n.) Form of embodiment, as in words; form, as of thought or conception; concrete embodiment or example, as of some quality.

(n.) Dress for disguise; guise.

(n.) A rolled or hammered piece, as a bar, beam, angle iron, etc., having a cross section different from merchant bar.

(n.) A piece which has been roughly forged nearly to the form it will receive when completely forged or fitted.