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I'm not hip, I'm not cool, I'm not glib.

Eric Bogosian

I'm not hip, I'm not cool, I'm not glib.

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About Eric Bogosian

Eric Bogosian (Armenian: Էրիկ Բոգոսյան; ; born April 24, 1953) is an American actor, playwright, monologuist, novelist, and historian. Descended from Armenian American immigrants, he grew up in Watertown and Woburn, Massachusetts, and attended University of Chicago and Oberlin College. His numerous plays include subUrbia (1994) and Pulitzer Prize in Drama finalist Talk Radio (1987), which were adapted to film by Richard Linklater and Oliver Stone, respectively. He also starred as Arno in the Safdie brothers' critically acclaimed film Uncut Gems (2019).
Bogosian has appeared in a variety of plays, films, and television series throughout his career. His television roles include Captain Danny Ross in Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2006–2010), Lawrence Boyd on Billions (2017–2018), and Gil Eavis on Succession (since 2018). He has also been involved in New York City ballet production, and has written several novels as well as the historical nonfiction Operation Nemesis (2015).